Madhusudan Biswas

Madhusudan has been a resident of a small village in Bolpur since his birth. He is an eminent member of Craft Birbhum, Purbita, a local organization created by and comprised of local artisans to preserve and promote traditional craft practices in the locality. Kantha Stitch and tailoring accounts to be Madhusudan's primary skills, which he has learned entirely on his own by observing his parents' work as a child. Madhusudan's passion for the art form has enabled him to acquire proficiency in the same over the years and at present, he has established himself as a distinguished artist of his locality. Madhusudan has been practicing Kantha stitch for the past 27 years and at present, he has employed hundreds of local women under him, proficient in stitching and tailoring. Together with his unit, Madhusudan supervises the production of a vast variety of Kantha stitched accessories and garments. His product ranges from Sling bags, Handbags, Shoulder bags, Money purse (male and female), Shopping bags in accessories, file cover and cushion cover in utilities to Saree, Kurta, Panjabi, Stoles, Dupattas, Blouse piece in garments.

Address: Shantiniketan ,     Shitalpur,   Birbhum,   West Bengal,   India,   785412.

Art-Form: Kantha Stitch

Experience: 27+ Years

Madhusudan's Creation

Batik and Kantha Stitched Suit Piece

Hand-made Bag with Kantha Work

Kantha stitched Cushion Cover

Kantha Stitched File Cover

Kantha Stitched Sling Bag

Kantha stitched Stole

Katha Stitch Sling Bag

Off white Unstitched Kurta

Red Kurti