Tapan Baidya

Tapan Baidya is an incredibly talented artist from Bolpur with Paddy Jewelry products. Birbhum has been his home since birth. He has made uncountable beauty pieces of paddy jewellery. He has learnt the art from on his own by seeing and taking inspiration from others and with the passage of time has established her aesthetic supremacy and a place in the industry by producing a variety of items in trendy accessories. Tapan has been proficient in making paddy jewellery for the past 12 years. Learning the art from other artisans, at present he holds a respectable position as an artist in his locality.

Address: Bolpur ,     bolpur,   BIRBHUM,   West Bengal,   India,   731204.

Art-Form: Jewellery Other

Experience: 12+ Years

Tapan's Creation

Paddy jewellery set

Paddy Orange jewellery set

White paddy necklace