Shampa Mete

Shampa has been a resident of Bolpur since her birth. She first got introduced to kantha stitch art form as a curriculum in school, which she later developed as her primary skill. In order to gain flawless proficiency in kantha stitch, Shampa has acquired various trainings on the art form disseminated from her local municipality and other organizations. With the knowledge gained, at present Shampa has established herself as a distinguished artist of her locality. Shampa has been running her handicraft business for almost 10 years now. Mete produces a vast variety of ethnic kantha stitched garments ranging from saree, stole, to readymade kurta, Panjabi and others.

Address: Bolpur ,     2,   BIRBHUM,   West Bengal,   India,   731204.

Art-Form: Kantha Stitch

Experience: 10+ Years

Shampa's Creation

Kantha stitch kurti

Kantha stitch saree

Kantha stitch saree