Nilima Mal

Nilima Mal is an extremely talented Kantha-stitch artist from West Bengal’s Kusumjatra, in Sainthia of Birbhum (Pin: 731234), where she has been residing for the past 45 years. Her passion for heirloom textiles is reflected through her work which stands for a new beginning of pure and unique weaves. She specializes in Kantha Stitch and is the master artist of her group , made of 100 artists. She has an experience of over 12 years and is the principal earning member of her family. Her sense of design is very unique from other Kantha Stitch artisans that make her creations indispensable to one's wardrobe. With her team of artists, her products include various types of garments such as kantha stitched saree, kurta, and many more. The cultural and artistic heritage of the place finds a special place in Nilima's heart, who has been involved in intricately Kantha stitching on a wide variety of items for the past two decades. It is a passion that drives Nilima's association to the art form, which happens to be the indigenous treasure of Birbhum district.

Address: Suri ,     Suri,   BIRBHUM,   West Bengal,   India,   731126.

Art-Form: Kantha Stitch

Experience: 5+ Years

Nilima's Creation

Kantha Stitch Saree

Kantha Stitch Saree

Katha Stitch Saree