Sulekha Bagdi

Sulekha Bagdi is a freelancing artist from West Bengal’s Birbhum district. She specializes in Kantha Stitch and has an experience of around 5 years. She is residing at Deowash Chandpur in Sainthia of Birbhum (Pin: 731234), since her birth, 23 years ago. She is capable of catering bulk orders, where she mainly produces garments, namely saree, kurta in Kantha stitch. Her products features the absolute necessities for a wardrobe infused with the artistic flavor of rural Bengal. It is a passion that drives Sulekha's association to the art form, which happens to be the indigenous treasure of Birbhum district.

Address: Bolpur ,     Bolpur,   BIRBHUM,   West Bengal,   India,   731204.

Art-Form: Kantha Stitch

Experience: 10+ Years

Sulekha's Creation


Designer Blouse

Kantha Stitch Blouse

Kantha Stitch Blouse

Kantha Stitch Blouse