Tumpa Hazra

Tumpa Hazra is an artisan hailing from Darpashila, Sriniketan, the place adjoining to Tagore’s Shantiniketan , where she has been residing for the past 34 years. She is experienced in Kantha Stitch and is capable of catering bulk orders of saree, kurta, stole among Kantha stitch prooducts. Her products features the absolute necessities for a wardrobe infused with the artistic flavor of rural Bengal. It is a passion that drives her association to the art form, which happens to be the indigenous treasure of Birbhum district.

Address: a ,     a,   BIRBHUM,   West Bengal,   India,   111111.

Art-Form: Kantha Stitch

Experience: 4+ Years

Tumpa's Creation

Kantha Stitch Blouse Piece

Kantha Stitch Blouse Piece

Kantha Stitch Palazo