Manash Dutta

Manash has been a resident of Bolpur for 56 years, since his childhood. His art form revolves around Kantha Stitch which he claims to have learned from his wife, who specializes in the same. He is even a member of the Amar Kutir Society, which he says has helped him a lot in making him proficient in his field. Thus it can be deduced quite clearly that his family, like many untold stories, has a proud culture of Kantha Stitch, pointing out the popularity of the art in the area. Dutta who is 56, is in this art for 20 years. With 15-20 people working under him, his products include various types of garments such as salwar, kurta, Kurti, and many more. His sense of design is very unique from other Kantha Stitch artisans that make his creations indispensable to one's wardrobe.

Address: Bolpur ,     Bolpur,   Birbhum,   West Bengal,   India,   778569.

Art-Form: Kantha Stitch

Experience: 38+ Years

Manash's Creation

Black Kantha Stitch Kurta

Black Punjabi

Blue Colored Kurta

Green Colored Kurta

Kantha Stitch Salwar Kameez

Mustard Colored Kurta

Mustard Yellow Salwar Kameez


Red and Black Printed Kurta

White and Red Wrap Skirt for Women