Shibani Dutta

Shibani has been a resident of Tagore's land for the past 15 years. The cultural and artistic heritage of the place finds a special place in Shibani's heart, who has been involved in intricately Kantha stitching on a wide variety of items for almost a decade now. It is a passion that drives Shibani's association to the art form, which happens to be the indigenous treasure of Birbhum district. Being born in a family of artists, Shibani has been stitching on a variety of items since her very childhood. Her artistic lineage has inspired her to take up a profession along creative lines. Shibani has been formally practicing Kantha stitch for the past 7 years. Acquiring proficiency in the art form over the passage of time, at present she has established herself as a distinguished artist in her locality and employs around 25 local women to work with her. Shibani along with her team makes a wide variety of garments, bags, and other accessories. Their products range from fashionable sarees, kurta, dupatta, Panjabi in garments, to trendy accessories infused with the artistic flavor of rural Bengal.

Address: Santiniketan ,     Bolpur,   Birbhum,   West Bengal,   India,   731235.

Art-Form: Kantha Stitch

Experience: 7+ Years

Shibani's Creation

Cotton Kurti

Handstitched Cotton panjabi

kantha stitch Panjabi

kantha stitch Panjabi

Kantha stitched Jeans Handbag

kantha stitched kurti

kantha stitched salwar kameez set

Kantha stitched skirt

Khadi Cotton Panjabi