Tandra Pal

Tandra Pal is an eminent Kantha artist of Birbhum. Residing in Sainthia, a small village in Birbhum district, for more than a decade, Tandra over time has established her aesthetic supremacy in the Kantha stitch art form. Her passion for stitching intricate designs on Kantha has been so acute that she has established her proficiency regarding the art form without acquiring any professional training. Being born in a family of Kantha artists, the skill of intricate stitching runs in Tandra's lineage. Practicing Kantha stitch for the past 15 years, Tandra at present employs over 40 local artists under her, and together with her team, they cater to fulfilling bulk orders. She makes a variety of garments, namely sarees, kurta, dupatta, and others in Kantha stitch. Tandra’s hand-stitched garments are infused with the aesthetic heritage of rural Bengal.

Address: Saithia ,     Hatora,   Birbhum,   West Bengal,   India,   731234.

Art-Form: Kantha Stitch

Experience: 15+ Years

Tandra's Creation

Kantha Embroidered Blouse Piece

Kantha Embroidered Blouse Piece

Kantha Stitched Blouse Piece

kantha stitched salwar kameez set

Readymade kantha stitched kurti

Red & Black Kurta