Dipak Biswas

Dipak has been a resident of Bolpur since his birth. Being born in a family of artists, Dipak's aesthetic pursuits have been nurtured since his childhood and at present he carves out a variety of items out of wood. Woodcraft happens to be the genre in which Dipak has established his aesthetic supremacy for quite a while now. He is an active member of the Amar Kutir Society, Manjusha, and other such organizations. Although eloquent and intricate in his artistic pursuits, Dipak has never learnt this skill professionally. Carving items out of wood has been his passion, which has inspired him in pursuing a profession along creative lines. Dipak has been practicing woodcraft for 43 years now. He has also employed some local artists to assist him in his artistic endeavor. Together, they carve out a variety of innovative and ethnic items out of wood, like wooden wall hangings, ashtrays, showpieces, and many others, which can serve as ideal home decor items infused with the artistic heritage of rural Bengal.

Address: Shantiniketan ,     Bolpur,   Birbhum,   West Bengal,   India,   731204.

Art-Form: Wood Craft

Experience: 43+ Years

Dipak's Creation

Dice Book Stand

Owl Book Stand

Pair of Wooden Dolls

Pair of Wooden Dolls

Tabla set (2pcs)

Tabla set (3pcs)

Wooden Astray

Wooden Centre Table

Wooden Chappal

Wooden Flower Vase

Wooden Flower Vase

Wooden Folding Table

Wooden mobile stand

Wooden Owl Painting

Wooden Peacock Painting

Wooden Serving Tray

Wooden Serving tray

Wooden Spoon set

Wooden Stapler

Wooden Sura pot set

Wooden Texture Painting