Shyamali Mondal

Shyamali Mondal is an incredibly talented artist from Birbhum with proficiency in making fashionable jewelleries out of paddy. Birbhum has been her home for the past forty-six years. Shyamali's skill and expertise in making intricate fashionable accessories has enabled her to make uncountable beauty pieces over the passage of time. She has learnt the art form on her own by observing and taking inspiration from the artists of her locality and eventually established her aesthetic supremacy and a place in the creative industry by producing a variety of trendy accessories. Shyamali has been practicing her creative endeavor for over three decades now. At present, she employs around six people to work with her. Her aesthetic touch gets reflected in a vast variety of fashionable necklace, earrings and other creative items.

Address: Basowa ,     Margram,   Birbhum,   West Bengal,   India,   731202.

Art-Form: Jewellery Other

Experience: 30+ Years

Shyamali's Creation

Black Teardrop Shaped Paddy Necklace Set

Blue Paddy Necklace Set

Emerald green Teardrop Paddy Necklace Set

Golden yellow Paddy Necklace Set

Light green Paddy Necklace Set

Maroon Paddy Necklace Set

Navy Blue Paddy Necklace Set

Orange Teardrop Shaped Paddy Necklace Set

Paddy and Shell Neckpiece

Paddy Necklace Set

Red Teardrop Shaped Paddy Necklace Set

Round black Paddy Necklace Set

Round Black Paddy Necklace Set

Round Tangerine Paddy Jewellery Set

Sky Blue Paddy Necklace Set

Tangerine Paddy Necklace Set