Joydeb Patra

Joydeb Patra is an artist who resides in Bolpur and is famous for carving intricate jewelleries out of jute, fabric, beads, oxidized metal and burnt brass, commonly known as dokra jewellery. He learned the art of jewellery making from his father. Joydeb has been designing jewellery since his childhood, which also accounts to be his passion. Being born in a family of artists, Joydeb has been inspired to take up his artistic passion as his career and at present he holds a commendable position in his locality as a distinguished artist. His proficiency in jewellery making has enabled him to travel to different parts of the country and participate in different fairs and exhibitions. Practicing jewellery making for the past 22 years, Joydeb at present has involved his family members in his jewellery making business. Together with his family, Joydeb produces a vast variety of fashionable jewelleries ranging from necklace , bangles , rings, ear-rings, to designer hair clips and other trendy accessories

Address: Makarampur, Bolpur, ,     Khelarmath,   Birbhum,   West Bengal,   India,   731204.

Art-Form: Dokra Art

Experience: 22+ Years

Joydeb's Creation

Beaded Dokra Necklace with Pendant

Beaded Jute Necklace

Beaded Necklace with Pendant

Dokra and Beads Jewellery Set

Dokra Durga Jewellery Set

Dokra Hashuli Jewellery Set

Dokra Hashuli Necklace

Dokra Jewellery Set

Dokra Rudraksh Jewellery Set

Dokra Rudraksh Jewellery Set

Fabric and Sea Shells Necklace

Fabric Necklace

Jewellery Set with Floral Pendant

Jute Necklace

Red and White Fabric Necklace