Riya Das

Riya has been a resident of Ballavpur for the past 15 years. Riya is a part of Amar Kuthi Society, a welfare organization operative in the area for bettering life and livelihood related prospects of local artisans. She specializes on a wide variety of skills, like kantha stitch, bag making and others and has been producing a wide variety of items for almost a decade now. It is passion that drives Riya's aesthetic pursuits. Being born in a family of artists, Riya has been stitching and making a variety of items since her very childhood. Her artistic lineage has inspired her to take up a profession along creative lines. It has been three years since Riya started her handloom business. Without a helping hand, she manages multiple tasks alone and creates a variety of items including kantha stitched kurtas, blouse pieces, panjabis in garments, to fashionable and trendy bags made out of khesh. Her wide variety of products ranging from garments to accessories are infused with the artistic flavour of rural Bengal and features to be must-haves for a trendy and ethnic wardrobe.

Address: Ballavpur ,     Bolpur,   Birbhum,   West Bengal,   India,   731204.

Art-Form: Miscellaneous

Experience: 3+ Years

Riya's Creation

Kantha Stitch Palazo

Kantha Stitch Skirt

Kantha Stitched Handkerchief

Kantha Stitched Short Kurti

Khesh Sling Bag