Sonali Hazra

The modern idea of feminism encourages women to be financially independent. It might seem like a trivial affair for the inhabitants of metropolitan cities. But for a women coming from a rural household, it is a brave and courageous act. Over time we have seen many women setting examples for others by running small businesses. Sonali Hazra is one of those women who sets an example for the others by converting her passion for jewellery designing into a successful business. She comes from the outskirts of Bolpur and has been residing there for the past 17 years. Bolpur is a land of vibrant and diverse art-forms or in other words 'the land of Tagore'. Sonali trained herself in making oxidized jewellery for women. She is also proficient in making intricate decorative items out of beads and other materials. She has been pursuing a career along creative lines for almost half a decade now. She makes various jewelleries like necklaces, bracelets ,earrings and anklets.

Address: Ratanpally ,     Shantiniketan,   Birbhum,   West Bengal,   India,   731235.

Art-Form: Miscellaneous

Experience: 4+ Years

Sonali's Creation

Beaded Hen

Beaded Rabbit

Black Oxidized Earrings

Blue Oxidized Earrings

Blue Wall Hanger

Red Stone Set

Sea Shelled Set

The Little Beaded Girl