Prashun Nasipuri

Prashun has been a resident of Tetulia village in Birbhum since his birth. Hand printing on sarees account to be Prashun’s primary skill. Prashun hails from a family of kantha artists. Although doing intricate kantha work accounts to be Prashun’s family business, his interest and proficiency in hand printing has enabled him to make hand printing the primary focus of their business now. He has learnt the art of hand printing from artists in Srirampur, Ilambazar, to name a few, and at present has been successful in establishing himself as a distinguished artist of his locality.Prashun has been practicing hand printing for almost a decade now and at present he has employed around 5 local artists to assist him in his work. Together with his unit, Prashun supervises the production of a vast variety of hand printed sarees and salwar kameez suit piece.

Address: Village Tetulia ,     Birbhum,   Birbhum,   West Bengal,   India,   731246.


Experience: 9+ Years