Rajesh Mahato

Rajesh Mahato is an artisan specializing in the Dokra art form. He comes from humble backgrounds and has been a resident of Bolpur since childhood. The aesthetics and aura of Bolpur heavily influenced his interests and molded his passion. With no formal training and just by the strength of his will he decided to learn this art from other Dokra artisans. He is aged 46 and has been practicing this art form for more than 25 years. In the present day, he not only established and runs his small business but also employs two people under him. Self-confidence and dedication have helped him significantly in his journey to be an artisan. He occasionally works with the organization named Bangashree. His products consist of Dokra necklaces, earrings, hairpins, bangles, and anklets. In a world falling prey to immense mechanization, people like Rajesh keeps the artistic side alive within us with their exquisite handcraft.

Address: Katharipatti ,   Saraswatipally   Bolpur,   Birbhum,   West Bengal,   India,   731204.

Art-Form: Dokra Art

Experience: 25+ Years

Rajesh's Creation

Choker Dokra Neckpiece

Dokra Long Chain

Dokra Long Chain

Dokra Long Chain

Dokra Neckpiece

Dokra and Beads Long Chain

Dokra Bell Neckpiece

Dokra Coin-Shaped Suspension Neckpiece

Dokra Neckpiece

Dokra Neckpieces

Dokra Pendant with neckpiece

Handcrafted Jewellery Set

Neckpiece with Dokra Pendant