Anup kumar Das

Shantiniketan has been home to extremely talented artists like Anup Kumar Das who specializes in the ancient baked clay method also known as ‘terracotta’.He is aged 32 years and has been avidly enthusiastic about learning this art-form from childhood. Without any formal training, this man completely mastered the art of clay modeling and terracotta. Being a self-taught artisan he also added his touch of intricacy to the pre-existing designs. He has been actively involved with this art form for more than 7 years.He makes a wide range of products starting from clay deities and other mythological figures. He also makes utensils, decorative items, toys for children out of terracotta. The most unique of his items are the terracotta framed mirrors that he exquisitely makes. They keep the essence of art and creation alive amidst the postmodern scenarios.

Address: Sitalpur ,   Shantiniketan   Bolpur,   Birbhum,   West Bengal,   India,   731204.


Experience: 7+ Years