Sujit Das

Raised amidst the greenery of nature and the cultural aesthetics of Tagore's land, Sujit Das is proficient in terracotta art form. He is aged 39 years with a firm passion for terracotta and clay modeling. As a child he observed the potter's wheel very carefully and how intricately the artisans made carvings to give the clay any shape that they wanted. Clay became a blank canvas for him to express his creativity and ideas. His endeavor started right there as he simply learned the skill initially by observation. Later after formal training and extensive studies in the mentioned field, he added his expertise to produce a wide variety of items out of baked clay art. He received his formal training at Zonal Cultural Centre. Instead of just making terracotta he also adds a layer of protective coloring on top of it. This adds a vivid tint and a different type of vibrancy to the products. His experience in this field is of more than 26 years. Terracotta is not brittle like normal clay and it can withstand the wear and tear of delivery if packed properly. This artisan runs his own business and sends his order to all over India. He employs 20 people under him. The type of products that he makes include utensils, decorative items,shora,deeayas, wall hangers, and tiles made of terracotta. They also do terracotta framing and this is a humongous attempt to keep this age-old art of baked clay intact.

Address: Sitalpur ,     Shantiniketan,   Birbhum,   West Bengal,   India,   731204.

Art-Form: Teracotta

Experience: 26+ Years

Sujit's Creation

Circular Bamboo Rings

Clay Containers

Clay Doll Deeyas

Clay framed mirror

Clay Ganesh

Clay toys

Clay toys

Clay Tribal Masks

Clay Vessels

Clay Wind Charmer

Hollow Clay Container

Incense Stick Stands

Mini Clay Temple

Tagore Artwork

Tagore clay pen stand

Terracotta Plate

Terracotta Vases