Deepti Saha

Deepti has been a resident of Birbhum district for the past 20 years. The aesthetic and cultural heritage of the place finds a special place in Deepti's heart and gets brilliantly captured in her artistic pursuits. Painting has attracted Deepti's attention since the early days of her childhood. At present, she has given a professional touch to her passion for painting and paints on a wide spectrum of objects. Her produce reflects a curious amalgamation of traditional heritage and modern abstract art. At present,Deepti has attempted in further nurturing her passion for painting by resorting to various online sources like YouTube and Google. By resorting to these online sources, Deepti has been successful in giving a professional touch to her passion for painting and at present extensively paints on canvas and other garments. Her products range from abstract art on canvas to painting intricate and beautiful designs on t- shirts, Panjabis, etc.

Address: Birbhum ,     Ahmedpur,   Birbhum,   West Bengal,   India,   731201.

Art-Form: Hand Painting

Experience: 3+ Years

Deepti's Creation

Baul T-shirt

Blue Handpainted Tshirt

Buddha Palette Knife Canvas Painting

Fabric-Painted Yellow Panjabi

Gupi Gayen T-shirt

Gupi Gayen T-shirt

Krishna Acrylic Painting

Painting of lion

Painting of the Badshaah

Painting of Woman

Red Punjabi

Satyaneshi T-Shirt

Tagore T-shirt

Warli Painted Panjabi