Vidya (Matkatus)

We, at Matkatus, are proud of our glorious past that gave the country wonderful weaving techniques. Our journey is the result of a compelling urge to celebrate the richness and diversity of traditional Indian textiles. The urge was strengthened with a relevant question we asked ourselves. Should our craft lore belong to the past alone; are we doing enough to revive these craft forms? Our answer was a firm NO. We strongly believe that ancient weaving techniques must get out of museums and not simply remain heirloom concepts. Many of our crafts face the threat of extinction and need support to stay alive for generations to come. So we began scouting for genuine hand-crafted fabrics across the country. What began as a question led to the genesis of the brand Matkatus. And Red Sanders, our company, in June 2013. Eco-friendly, unique and comfortable, handloom and hand-crafted fabrics definitely get our thumbs up. But we are not content just fanning our desire. We want to tailor a little desi movement by wooing others, like you, to make tussars, kalamkaris, Ikats and ajrakhs an integral part of the everyday wardrobe. What does Matkatus stand for? Matkatus, our brand name, is a blend of two of stunning varieties of silks: matka and tussar. Contact Number: +91-9500076418
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Experience: 10+ Years